Friday, November 21, 2008


I went to our group meeting last night, and we laughed and had such fun!! I learned great things from wonderful women, and felt like I was not a bad Mom. I love the honest answers of women that are home schooling. I feel like I am not the only one having troubles in their day to day life, and thinking that maybe I am not doing the right thing. However, we all love our children with all our hearts and we do the best we can every day. I know that Mothers have guilt every day on whether we are doing enough for our children and families. And when you home school it is even greater. But one thing we know is that we are teaching our children morals and values. I think that the world is so lacking in morals and values, and we are trying to put those things back in our families, and our lives.

I want to thank all the wonderful women last night and thank you for all the support, and help with my blog. I had so much fun!! I cannot say enough about women supporting women. We need it and thrive with it. Stay safe and blessed.