Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Faith-Who has the more?

Well, another person is attacking Christians (and any other religion). Bill Maher and his movie Religulous (as in ridiculous) But it just makes me mad that it is OK to ridicule Christians but we must be SOOO PC with every thing else. Forbid you call some one the wrong thing and offend them. But the Jesus freaks are fair game. I heard a great piece on the radio today about our First Amendment rights. I think that people see all the rights in there but the FREEDOM TO PRACTICE RELIGION!!!!!! Hello people!!! I can practice my religion if I want.

Now, for my title. Who do you think has to have more Faith, someone that believes in God and there is a book telling about all of His accounts, or someone that believes that a one celled organism came out of the ocean and "just happened" to "evolve" into some living and breathing thing? AND, that they changed into all things living. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Where are the fossils of the animals in between? Where are the things coming out of the ocean and changing now? Things are called a theory for a reason. THEY CANNOT PROVE IT!!! And have you read all of Darwin's "theories". I cannot believe that anyone with brain, would believe anything that this racist, sexist moron would say.

I just get sick of people trying to take God out of this world, and put all their ideologies in His place. I guess because we are Christians we just have Christians. I will pray that their eyes will be opened, and they will be saved. I know that they can have a place in heaven if they have the right kind of Faith!! Stay safe and blessed!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Souffle and Hot Chocolate

Once a month we have a gab and nibble, the home school moms get together at one of 2 places, this time it was St. Louis Bread Co. I LOVE their souffle's and hot chocolate. I know that does not sound like a very good combination, but I love them, and always order it for breakfast. I think that they keep it especially cold in there so you will order something hot, and then keep coming back for it. But above all I love the time spent with the other Mom's without our children.

As a home school mom you do not get as much time to speak with adults every day as you would if you worked out side the home. You get to talk about real things, and not about the silly things that your kids come up with. Not that I would trade those for anything in the world. I LOVE my children. But to not have to ask anyone to wash their hands, leave their brother or sister alone, or if they have to potty is nice every now and then. To talk and find out what others are doing in their schooling is nice too. As a mom, you never stop worrying about whether or not you are doing the right things for your children. But when you home school, you have that on top of everything else, but it is so worth it. I love being right in the mix of when my children learn something new. Or we all learn something together. That is what home schooling has allowed us. If we are in the middle of show and tell, and they want more info on something we have seen or what we are talking about, we have the time to go and look it up, and learn something we may not have set out to do that day.

But I had such a wonderful time talking with friends I have known a while, and new friends I have recently met. I am so happy to say that some friends that we thought were moving are now staying here. I am so glad. My boys are crazy about hers, and they had so much fun when they spent the night at our house. Of course, that was like opening Pandora's box. Now my boys want to see if someone can spend the night every weekend. YIKES!! I do not have any problems with it, because I know how much I loved it when I had sleepovers as a kid.

So, I look forward to the next time we get together to gab and nibble. I am so happy that we have found this great group of families that have helped the move become so great, and made this place our home. Thank you all for being such great friends, and I am so grateful for you. Stay safe and blessed.

Friday, September 12, 2008


OH MY GOSH!!! We are the luckiest home school group EVER!! We have a wonderful opportunity to go outdoors, and have a blast. There is a 200+ acre farm that one of the home school mom's is the care taker of, and she (and the owner) allow us to come out and play and have so much fun!! We took a very long, very fun hike today. I did not get any pictures but hope to see some that the other mom's took. We got to see so many of God's wonderful creatures. We saw spiders, frogs, woolly worms, crickets, grass hoppers, toads, and lots of other cool things. We saw 2 HUGE praying mantis. We got to see animal tracks, and at the end of our wonderful journey, we saw a cray fish, or as we say crawdad. It was really trying to protect itself, and had it's claws up fending off the kids. So, I was able to pick it up behind it's pinchers, and when we turned it over, it had a bunch of babies on it's belly. It was SOOOO cool!!! I had never seen one with babies on it before. We were so sweaty, and so tired, but it is so wonderful to see the excitement in the kids eyes. The kids that go out with us are from under 2 to 9, and the joy of seeing them discovering new things while we are out is so great. I know they were worn out, and tired, but I think that more than that, they had fun.

So, if you have children and you need some fun, get outdoors, and see what you can discover.
Every one of God's beautiful creations are out there just waiting for you to discover. Go have some fun with your family!! Stay safe and blessed.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless The USA-We Shall Never Forget

WOW, 7 years have come and gone and where are we now. Being a military wife, and mother of 3 this day is such a moment in time that we will NEVER forget.

I was not alive when Kennedy was shot. But I have always heard about people saying they remember where they were when he was shot. I never could really relate, because nothing in my life time had affected me that much, until 7 years ago.

I have to say that Sept. of 2001 had to be the WORST month of my entire life. My best friend, and precious grand mother, Ma we called her, died the first week of Sept. It was HORRIBLE. My Dad is an only child, so we did not have to share his parents with any other grand children. Which I have to say is the BEST thing in the world. She played with me just like a little kid. I lost count at how many mud pies I made that she ate. And she was the best customer, Sally Jump, at my "bank". She fueled my love of all things rock. My great uncle, her brother, sent me a box of rocks from the Black Hills, and I loved them. I, of course, picked every rock out of the drive way with a little sparkle, and Ma found a big box for me to glue them in. She took me to the pond to catch frogs for a race in 4-H. She was just the greatest grand mother ever. I just wanted to write about her today because I miss her so much. And I know she is always there for me, and she helped me save my son from Lyme disease, and she helped rock my baby to sleep when I was so exhausted I could not hold my head up. So, if your grandmother is still on this earth, give her a big hug and kiss, and let her know how much she means to you.

We were actually on the way to her apartment to clean it out, when on the radio, it said that the pentagon had just been hit. I told my sister, "no way, it is too well guarded. Andrews is right there, and they would not let that happen." Then when we got to her apartment we turned on the TV, and saw that the 2 towers had been hit. We, my dad, brother, and 2 sisters, stood there in awe of what was happening. I am getting chills just writing about it. THEN, oh my gosh, they fell. We all GASPED!!! I could not speak, I am not sure we were breathing. We just stood there. I am not sure if we moved for the next hour, but it was just so horrific, and I still cannot believe it happened. At first, they were saying 20-30,000 people were dead. And thank goodness, it was so much less, not that any was good. But as we all know for the next few weeks, we saw nothing else.

For the next months, I saw something I was so proud of. Being a military wife, we are VERY patriotic. We have lived in other countries, and other parts of the US. And I can tell you this IS the best country in the world, and I LOVE IT!!! But every where we went there were flags on display. In the busy intersections of major streets, there were people holding banners, and waving full sized flags. EVERYONE had a flag on their car. People were PROUD to be AMERICANS. It was AWESOME!!! But I feel some how we have forgotten that again. People need to remember how we became the greatest country in the world. And that we need to be thankful that we have brave men and women willing to die for this country and our freedom.

The next Tuesday of the month my son ended up in the ER, then the hospital, and then 3 blood transfusions. That is a story for another time.

Just remember that freedom is NEVER free, and if you see a man or woman in uniform, thank them for their sacrifice for your family. Or if you see someone in a Veterans hat, thank them for their service to our country. Stay safe and blessed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What's in a name

Well, I have been putting it off, but today checking my email prompted me to start my blog. I do not have any pictures yet, but I will.

I named my blog because we are a family of five. We are finsished with having babies, and it was very difficult to decide that. But we have been so blessed with the wonderful healthy children that we have, and now we are just raising them. I am a home schooling, stay at home mom. I really have a problem with the labels we put on women. Do you ever hear anyone say they are a working Dad? We say we are a working Mom, or a Stay at home Mom. Aren't we ALL working Mom's? I know that what I do every day is WORK, but only if we get PAID for it, is it considered work. I mean come on, any of us that have chased children around KNOWS that it is work. And anyone that home schools KNOWS it is very hard WORK!!!

So, what is in a name. I think Mom says it all. We should be VERY proud that someone calls us Mom, and the other names I love are wife and friend. So, there is a lot to a name. I rarely hear my first name called, even my husband calls me Mom, because that is what everyone around the house calls me. So, be very proud of all the names your loved ones call you. Other names I love are daughter and sister. But most important of all is Christian, because God makes all the other names possible.

So, wear your names proudly, what ever it may be. And remember how great being a Mom is, whether you have 1 child, or 10 children, you are VERY important to your family, and this great nation. and those of you reading this that I know and love, I am very proud to call you friend!!! You know who you are. Love you.