Saturday, January 31, 2009

Converstations overheard in a bathroom

We are trying hard to potty train, and we have good days and bad. Well, one day while in the bathroom with my daughter, we were talking. As she sits on the toilet with legs spread as far apart as she can so she will not fall in, she says to me, " Mama there's my penis." I of course say, with huge grin on face, "No, girls don't have penises." She gets a very distraught look on her face and says words her father hoped he would NEVER hear..." Oh, but I want one." I, of course, am laughing and trying to tell her that girls do not have them and will not have them. Then she looks up at me all happy and says " oh yeah, I have a peaNUT." At this point I am glad that I am sitting on the floor because my laughing would have taken me there. So, now we have a new word for that V word that isn't so pleasant anyway!! Peanut, and it makes my daughter happy, and she is not disappointed she has no penis!! Out of the mouth of babes!! Stay safe and blessed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, on my last post I told you about the great Art Program that I purchased. Well, go to the link on my side bar (Mad Cap Logic) and take a look at it. It has a great demo and video of the program. I think you will love it. I played and played with the demo. I hope you like it too. Please be sure to follow the link if you decide to purchase, because I get credit for it. Thanks and have a great day!!! Stay safe and blessed.


Well, I came across this GREAT site that has a WONDERFUL art program. I know a lot of us that home school, the arts are something we lack in sometimes. Well, there are those who thrive in in it, and you know who you are!! I still love you though. Well, I love Music and Art, but my artistic abilities consist of stick people, and they aren't very good. But I love going through the basics with my children. Starting at the beginning, so they know how to look at colors and appreciate the complexity that they really are. So, when I ran across this program I was SO excited. Because having 2 boys that are really computer driven, I love having something that they think they are playing, but they are learning too. So, that is where this fabulous program comes in. I have ordered mine, and am trying to become an affiliate so that if you would like to order it, you can click on my link, and I get credit for it. So, check back, and see if it is up on my blog maybe tomorrow. But I will definitely keep you posted. There is a great video and demo to try out. It is recommended for children 7-12, but I know that my 6 YO will love it too. I think really any one that can navigate the computer will have fun on it, no matter what age. So, sorry to keep you hanging, but I will give you more info later. Stay safe and blessed.