Saturday, January 31, 2009

Converstations overheard in a bathroom

We are trying hard to potty train, and we have good days and bad. Well, one day while in the bathroom with my daughter, we were talking. As she sits on the toilet with legs spread as far apart as she can so she will not fall in, she says to me, " Mama there's my penis." I of course say, with huge grin on face, "No, girls don't have penises." She gets a very distraught look on her face and says words her father hoped he would NEVER hear..." Oh, but I want one." I, of course, am laughing and trying to tell her that girls do not have them and will not have them. Then she looks up at me all happy and says " oh yeah, I have a peaNUT." At this point I am glad that I am sitting on the floor because my laughing would have taken me there. So, now we have a new word for that V word that isn't so pleasant anyway!! Peanut, and it makes my daughter happy, and she is not disappointed she has no penis!! Out of the mouth of babes!! Stay safe and blessed.


Anna said...

Oh! My stars!!!! :D That is WAY too funny.

FHL said...

Oh that is hilarious!!!!!!