Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, I came across this GREAT site that has a WONDERFUL art program. I know a lot of us that home school, the arts are something we lack in sometimes. Well, there are those who thrive in in it, and you know who you are!! I still love you though. Well, I love Music and Art, but my artistic abilities consist of stick people, and they aren't very good. But I love going through the basics with my children. Starting at the beginning, so they know how to look at colors and appreciate the complexity that they really are. So, when I ran across this program I was SO excited. Because having 2 boys that are really computer driven, I love having something that they think they are playing, but they are learning too. So, that is where this fabulous program comes in. I have ordered mine, and am trying to become an affiliate so that if you would like to order it, you can click on my link, and I get credit for it. So, check back, and see if it is up on my blog maybe tomorrow. But I will definitely keep you posted. There is a great video and demo to try out. It is recommended for children 7-12, but I know that my 6 YO will love it too. I think really any one that can navigate the computer will have fun on it, no matter what age. So, sorry to keep you hanging, but I will give you more info later. Stay safe and blessed.

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FHL said...

Yeah, you're back in blogland!

I groan everytime we have to do art. We do it @ 1-2x a week, I have a wonderful book, followed by a few Draw Write Now's, and a holiday craft book.....but oh, it is just not my thing. Probably because I am just not fond of the clean-up that J usually leaves in his wake...... So, I will stay tuned to peek at this program :O)