Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Faith-Who has the more?

Well, another person is attacking Christians (and any other religion). Bill Maher and his movie Religulous (as in ridiculous) But it just makes me mad that it is OK to ridicule Christians but we must be SOOO PC with every thing else. Forbid you call some one the wrong thing and offend them. But the Jesus freaks are fair game. I heard a great piece on the radio today about our First Amendment rights. I think that people see all the rights in there but the FREEDOM TO PRACTICE RELIGION!!!!!! Hello people!!! I can practice my religion if I want.

Now, for my title. Who do you think has to have more Faith, someone that believes in God and there is a book telling about all of His accounts, or someone that believes that a one celled organism came out of the ocean and "just happened" to "evolve" into some living and breathing thing? AND, that they changed into all things living. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Where are the fossils of the animals in between? Where are the things coming out of the ocean and changing now? Things are called a theory for a reason. THEY CANNOT PROVE IT!!! And have you read all of Darwin's "theories". I cannot believe that anyone with brain, would believe anything that this racist, sexist moron would say.

I just get sick of people trying to take God out of this world, and put all their ideologies in His place. I guess because we are Christians we just have Christians. I will pray that their eyes will be opened, and they will be saved. I know that they can have a place in heaven if they have the right kind of Faith!! Stay safe and blessed!

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