Monday, September 8, 2008

What's in a name

Well, I have been putting it off, but today checking my email prompted me to start my blog. I do not have any pictures yet, but I will.

I named my blog because we are a family of five. We are finsished with having babies, and it was very difficult to decide that. But we have been so blessed with the wonderful healthy children that we have, and now we are just raising them. I am a home schooling, stay at home mom. I really have a problem with the labels we put on women. Do you ever hear anyone say they are a working Dad? We say we are a working Mom, or a Stay at home Mom. Aren't we ALL working Mom's? I know that what I do every day is WORK, but only if we get PAID for it, is it considered work. I mean come on, any of us that have chased children around KNOWS that it is work. And anyone that home schools KNOWS it is very hard WORK!!!

So, what is in a name. I think Mom says it all. We should be VERY proud that someone calls us Mom, and the other names I love are wife and friend. So, there is a lot to a name. I rarely hear my first name called, even my husband calls me Mom, because that is what everyone around the house calls me. So, be very proud of all the names your loved ones call you. Other names I love are daughter and sister. But most important of all is Christian, because God makes all the other names possible.

So, wear your names proudly, what ever it may be. And remember how great being a Mom is, whether you have 1 child, or 10 children, you are VERY important to your family, and this great nation. and those of you reading this that I know and love, I am very proud to call you friend!!! You know who you are. Love you.

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