Friday, September 12, 2008


OH MY GOSH!!! We are the luckiest home school group EVER!! We have a wonderful opportunity to go outdoors, and have a blast. There is a 200+ acre farm that one of the home school mom's is the care taker of, and she (and the owner) allow us to come out and play and have so much fun!! We took a very long, very fun hike today. I did not get any pictures but hope to see some that the other mom's took. We got to see so many of God's wonderful creatures. We saw spiders, frogs, woolly worms, crickets, grass hoppers, toads, and lots of other cool things. We saw 2 HUGE praying mantis. We got to see animal tracks, and at the end of our wonderful journey, we saw a cray fish, or as we say crawdad. It was really trying to protect itself, and had it's claws up fending off the kids. So, I was able to pick it up behind it's pinchers, and when we turned it over, it had a bunch of babies on it's belly. It was SOOOO cool!!! I had never seen one with babies on it before. We were so sweaty, and so tired, but it is so wonderful to see the excitement in the kids eyes. The kids that go out with us are from under 2 to 9, and the joy of seeing them discovering new things while we are out is so great. I know they were worn out, and tired, but I think that more than that, they had fun.

So, if you have children and you need some fun, get outdoors, and see what you can discover.
Every one of God's beautiful creations are out there just waiting for you to discover. Go have some fun with your family!! Stay safe and blessed.

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FHL said...

We are having so much fun! Thank you so much for organizing it for is quickly becoming a highlight of J's week!