Sunday, September 14, 2008

Souffle and Hot Chocolate

Once a month we have a gab and nibble, the home school moms get together at one of 2 places, this time it was St. Louis Bread Co. I LOVE their souffle's and hot chocolate. I know that does not sound like a very good combination, but I love them, and always order it for breakfast. I think that they keep it especially cold in there so you will order something hot, and then keep coming back for it. But above all I love the time spent with the other Mom's without our children.

As a home school mom you do not get as much time to speak with adults every day as you would if you worked out side the home. You get to talk about real things, and not about the silly things that your kids come up with. Not that I would trade those for anything in the world. I LOVE my children. But to not have to ask anyone to wash their hands, leave their brother or sister alone, or if they have to potty is nice every now and then. To talk and find out what others are doing in their schooling is nice too. As a mom, you never stop worrying about whether or not you are doing the right things for your children. But when you home school, you have that on top of everything else, but it is so worth it. I love being right in the mix of when my children learn something new. Or we all learn something together. That is what home schooling has allowed us. If we are in the middle of show and tell, and they want more info on something we have seen or what we are talking about, we have the time to go and look it up, and learn something we may not have set out to do that day.

But I had such a wonderful time talking with friends I have known a while, and new friends I have recently met. I am so happy to say that some friends that we thought were moving are now staying here. I am so glad. My boys are crazy about hers, and they had so much fun when they spent the night at our house. Of course, that was like opening Pandora's box. Now my boys want to see if someone can spend the night every weekend. YIKES!! I do not have any problems with it, because I know how much I loved it when I had sleepovers as a kid.

So, I look forward to the next time we get together to gab and nibble. I am so happy that we have found this great group of families that have helped the move become so great, and made this place our home. Thank you all for being such great friends, and I am so grateful for you. Stay safe and blessed.

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FHL said...

Where are you blog lady?? ;o)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend and that your munchkin is feeling better!