Friday, October 24, 2008

Bugs and Spiders and Snakes...OH MY!!!

Well, I just cannot say how much we LOVE the farm, and the Outdoor adventures we get to have. Today was cold, and seemed miserable. But we had SOOO much fun!!! I was SO proud of my oldest son. He heard the older group leader say that they were going in a cistern, and looking for spiders and snakes. Well, I said that that sounded like the last thing on earth that I would EVER want to do. First, I am claustrophobic, so going down into a concrete hole in the ground makes my skin crawl. Then the thought of such a hole being filled with snakes and spiders, makes me want to PUKE!!! It conjures up images of Indiana Jones going down into the pit of snakes. I was really surprised that he would want to go on this adventure. His best buds were not there today to go on the younger kids adventure, so he really wanted to be a big kid. I warned him, because he is usually not so willing to go on an adventure laden with snakes or spiders. So, he went with the older kids, and I went with the little kids.

My baby girl was THE muddiest and dirtiest kid out there, as usual. My little boy had such a good time, and he is so much braver with his gloves on. He is willing to pick up anything as long as he does not have to have it on his skin. He held a Daddy long leg spider, and he loved it. He also picked up a Wolf spider. The kids had so much fun with some nets. Of course, he got the net as muddy and wet as he could, and then placed it over his sister's head. Of course, her head was covered in muddy water and leaves. We saw lots of cool things, and had so much fun!!

When we got back to the house, and the older group was still at the cistern. So, I took the other two over to see what they were doing. And found that the oldest had in deed gone down into the cistern, and had held a snake. WHAT!!!! Is this my child!! Holding snakes, and going down holes!! Who took my child and replaced him with this brave boy? I could not believe this timid little boy was the same one that I took to the farm. I am so proud of him. He has been struggling lately, missing his dad, and trying to find his place. He wants so bad to be a big kid, but still so unsure of himself. As with all my children, I love him with all my heart. And it has been really rough the past week or so. But he was so strong and brave today out there with things he did not know he had within. Then the other two also held the snakes. YUCK!!! What was going on here? I felt like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Someone had come and snuck in and replaced my children with children that are brave, and want to hold snakes. What have I taught them? LOL It makes me laugh.

Then to top it all off, the oldest BEGGED for a pet snake. Of course, I said no. Then we walked down the hill to the craw dad traps. There were none in them, but one had some fish in it. Some Blue Gills, which the middle child BEGGED to have as a pet. So, he instead finds a grub, takes it home, and while holding it, it bit him. We, of course, got rid of it. It hurt but did not even break the skin. The grub was the weirdest thing ever. It fell out of the can we had it in, and was on the floor. So, he was afraid that it might bite him again, so I had to help him find it and get rid of it. The grub was on it's back crawling around on the floor, on it's back (I say it twice because it was so freaky.) I have never liked grubs. They, like snakes and spiders, CREEP me out!!!

I just cannot express how much fun the farm is, and how much fun we have when we are there. I grew up on a HUGE farm, and played everyday with WILD abandon. When I got older, I hated the fact that I had chores to do, and resented the farm. But now I long for a big place to call home, and somewhere that my children can run wild, and have fun. But we have a great home, and lots of love, and that is enough. If you ever have a chance to be out in nature, run and play with WILD abandon. You may never realize how much it means to your children!!! Stay safe, and blessed.


FHL said...

Oh, maybe it was a good thing we weren't there today! Just the thought of J climbing down a hole filled with snakes makes me shiver!!! And I know he would have wanted to follow in your boy's footsteps!

Are you two weeks down now with the hubs? Won't be long now.


Anna said...

Sounds like fun! Too bad we were out of town... the kids would have loved it!