Friday, October 24, 2008


Well I guess that says it all. My nephews just turned 20 and 13. WOW!!! And my baby will be 3 in a couple of weeks. My friends baby is 1 today. So, time is really on my mind lately. It seems no matter what I do, I can never complete everything in a day. Why do we try so hard to cram as much as we can in one day? 24 hours used to seem like a reasonable amount of time. Now, it seems like someone took a few hours out of it, and has never given them back to me. Where did they hide them? REALLY, where did they go? I know you all feel it too. Can we get together and demand someone give them back? Well, as much as that makes me laugh, I really do need more hours in my day.

But how do you spend your day? Do you get up bright eyed and bushy tailed? Or do you drrraaaaggggg your hiney out of bed and struggle to get to that first task? I, most of the time, am in the middle of those roads. I sometimes would rather stay in my nice, warm, comfy bed, but I know that much must be done. And my kids are eventually going to come find me. My friend wrote on her blog that she was hiding under the desk, but they found her. I laughed so hard when I read that. I feel like doing that sometimes. Just pulling the covers up and not saying anything when they come to look for me. But then my mind goes a little crazy and I picture all of the things my kids are getting into. Sometimes they decide to make their own breakfast, and sometimes it isn't pretty. One day my oldest son brought me breakfast in bed. It was the sweetest thing in the world. HOWEVER, he LOVES peanut butter sandwiches, so guess what he made me? You guessed is, a PB sandwich, and a glass of milk. It was on the heel of bread, and had so little peanut butter on it that it made it so dry. Needless to say, I ate it. I love my children, and just to think of me like that made me so happy.

Well, we have to get ready to go to the farm, and see if we can find some bugs and fun things to come home with. We have to bundle up because it is cold outside, and breezy. Boots are a must, because it rained all day yesterday. So mud, LOOK OUT, here we come!!! Stay safe and blessed.


FHL said...

We'll miss you guys at the farm today....we are behind in EVERYTHING! (Not enough time *wink*) But I hope you guys have fun!!!!


skissugar said...

Have fun at the farm.. I worked on combo school and cleaning house today so I am wiped... BTW the comment about being drug out of bed.. yah thats me.. i hate to leave my bed.. I am so much an afternoon person and not a morning person. Maybe I can hide under R's Desk too? Think anyone would find me? OH and I am with you I want my time back.. cause someone stole it! I never get all i need accomplished, and my dear husband does not go to bed until we ALL are in bed so I don't get any luxury of staying up and cleaning like I would LIke to do.. cause thats when I want to do it.. not in the morning.. okay i need to stop lol!!