Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My oldest is only 9, but I think that is the word I fear most, TEENAGER. I was a crazy teen. I did not do as I was told, and I hope that payback stops. I was a breech baby, and caused my mom severe pain. So, guess what? My first child...42 hours of labor. Everything I ever was when I was little, my children are. And everything that I did, they are doing. So I am hoping this will stop soon, because I really do not want them to do what I did. I hope that through it, and with the Lord's help, I will be able to talk to them about the bad things out there. And there are so many more "BAD" things now than there was when I was their age. So, how do you do it? How do you make sure you are teaching them the things they REALLY need to know?

My oldest son is really liking girls these days, and it scares me. Not that he likes girls, but I know we are going to have to do more talking to him. And what is he going to get and what is he ready for at his age. However, I was reading a friend's blog, and there was a link to another blog I just happened to check out. It is called No Question Left Behind, found here and it is REALLY good. It is teens answering questions. Some posed by other teens, and some by parents of teens. I was reading the one about dating and it was GREAT!!! It was talking about not casual dating. It was a great article. You should really read it, because it makes a lot of sense, and gives you some info to give great info to your child.

I know that all parents want the best for their children, but do they do as we say, or do as WE do. I know that when I hear my almost 3 YO daughter say NOW to her brothers, that maybe I say that too much. I think some times our children put US in check. I know when I see my child do something or say something and it is like looking in the mirror, that I need to do better. What am I showing my children. Am I doing the right things, because that is what they are doing. I think my most of my words go in one ear and out the other. But I need to walk the walk, if I am going to talk the talk. So, I challenge all Mom's to really see what your children are doing, and make sure you do as you say too. I know that we are the ones to give the directions, and be the supervisors over our children. But I am talking about walking the walk with God, and letting them know what walk you want them to do. So, walk and talk with your children every day, and make sure that walk is with God, and I think that all of you will do GREAT!!! Stay safe and blessed!!

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